Measurement Units

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Measurement units dependency for Laravel Enso

This package works exclusively within the Enso ecosystem.

The front end assets that utilize this api are present in the measurement-units package.

For live examples and demos, you may visit


  • install using composer composer require laravel-enso/measurement-units
  • run the migrations php artisan migrate

If you want to also insert the default measurement unit, publish both the factory and the seeder:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=measurement-units-factories
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=measurement-units-seeders

You may then run the seeder:

php artisan db:seed --class=MeasurementUnitsSeeder


  • features a core measurement units functionality with a model, enums, migrations, routes, controllers, resources, index table, etc
  • provides CRUD functionality for the MeasurementUnit model
  • a MeasurementUnitFactory is included and can be published
  • a MeasurementUnitSeeder is included and can be published


The package is meant to be installed on an Enso project and customized as required (or used as it is if that is enough).


  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=measurement-units-factories - the included factory,
  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=measurement-units-seeders - the included seeder,


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.


This package is released under the MIT license.