Laravel Enso

Full featured Single Page Application boilerplate

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Single Page App

Aims to deliver a robust boilerplate for any complex business application, with superiour performance

Laravel, Vue, Bulma

The beauty of Bulma combined with the flexibility of Vue powered by a Laravel Back End

Modular, Extensible

Made up of tens of packages and modules. Easily to extend and customize

Try it up

# clone in a new project folder
git clone ./

# install composer dependencies
composer install

# Configure the .env file
# Generate the key
php artisan key:generate

# run the migrations
php artisan migrate

# install node dependencies

# compile
yarn dev / yarn hot


user: / password: password

fully working in less than 5 minutes!


Built with ❤️on Laravel 5.8.x, Bulma 0.7.x, Vuejs 2.6.x.

Special thanks to Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way, Evan You and Jeremy Thomas.