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Excel utility package for Laravel Enso

This package can work independently of the Enso ecosystem.

For live examples and demos, you may visit laravel-enso.com


install using composer: composer require laravel-enso/excel


  • is a small wrapper that uses box/spout under the hood
  • utilizes two contracts for which require specific methods to be available on the specific Excel file generator
    • ExportsExcel
    • SavesToDisk
  • the ExcelExport service requires an excel generator parameter that must implement at least the ExportsExcel contract and optionally the SavesToDisk contract
  • can provide the generated excel document inline (for downloads) or save the file to disk


In order to generate an Excel, you need to create a generator class that implements the ExcelExport contract. Then you must instantiate an ExcelExport class, passing your generator as a constructor parameter, and finally call the inline method:

$excel = new MyExcelExporter();
(new ExcelExport($excel))->inline();

If you want to have the excel file saved to disk, have your generator also implement the SavesToDisk contract, and instead of calling the inline() method, call the save() method on your ExcelExport instance:

$excel = new MyExcelExporter();
(new ExcelExport($excel))->save();

External dependencies


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.


This package is released under the MIT license.