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Enso UI Themes

This package is meant to be used only in the Enso ecosystem.

For live examples and demos, you may visit


Install the package:

yarn add @enso-ui/themes

The package has the two default Enso themes, one light and one dark. The themes must be imported in Enso's webpack.mix.js.

Removing themes

If you remove one of your themes, note that the theme selector will no longer be visible in the right settings side bar.

Customizing the themes

You mai copy the theme you want to customize locally, change it as per your requirements, and then simply import your local theme in the webpack.mix.js file.

If you need to customize the aspect of one or more of the components, the customized styles should go into the bulma/components sub-folder.

Since our themes are built on top of Bulma, its variables are customized in the dark and light sub-folders.


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to Enso!