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Money Vue input component

Can be used outside of the Enso ecosystem.

For live examples and demos, you may visit


Install the package:

yarn add @enso-ui/money

(within Enso, remember to cd into the client folder before installing front-end assets)



  • Money


Import the desired component(s):

import Money from '@enso-ui/money';


The bulma styled money input component.


<money v-model="myModel"


  • label - boolean, optional, - if true, the value is shown as a label instead of an input
  • readonly - boolean, optional - if true, the component is readonly
  • disabled - boolean, optional - if true, the component is disabled
  • placeholder - string, optional - the money input placeholder
  • symbol - string, optional, default $ - the currency symbol
  • decimal - string, optional, default . - the decimal separator. Valid values are '.', ','
  • thousand - string, optional, default ,, the thousand separator. Valid values are ' ', '.', ','
  • precision - number, optional, default 2 - the precision
  • positive - string, optional, default %s %v - the template for positive values (symbol, value)
  • negative - string, optional, default %s (%v), the template for negative values (symbol, value)
  • zero - string, optional, default %s --,the template for zero (symbol, value)


  • input, on the money input blur


  • format, formats the value based on the given options and emits an 'input' event

Questions & Issues

For questions and support please use the issues functionality for this package's github repository.

Please make sure to search for existing issues before creating a new issue, and when opening a new issue, fill the required information in the issue template.

Issues not conforming to the guidelines may be closed immediately.

External Dependencies

Money uses accounting.js for formatting numbers


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to Enso!