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Prevents update conflicts using the optimistic lock pattern in Laravel


  • the package creates a versionings table where it holds versions for all the versionable models
  • by using the Versionable trait on a model, versioning is handled automatically
  • by default the trait appends a version attribute after the model is retrieved, used for tracking versions and expects the same attribute to be present on the model when the update is called
  • the default versioning attribute can be customized by using protected $versioningAttribute = 'customVersionAttribte' on the model
  • the trait can be used on models that already have records in the database, the versioning starts with the first retrieval of those models
  • when a versionable model is deleted, its versioning is deleted also. If the model uses SoftDeletes, the versioning is not deleted, unless doing a forceDelete
  • throws a ConflictHttpException if the version does not match on update
  • tests are included with the package
  • package comes included by default with Enso