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How-to video manager for Laravel Enso.

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Allows you to add videos to your application, to show users how to perform a specific action, demonstrate a feature, present a process flow, etc. This is a complementary package to Tutorial Manager.

  • easily upload media clips from your computer, setting a title and a description
  • simple-to-use tag manager
  • optionally add a caption/cover picture for each video
  • optionally tag the clips and then filter them using the tags
  • permissions dependent controls, where regular users can only view the videos.


The component is already included in the Enso install and should not require any additional installation steps.

Depends on:


  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=howToVideos-storage - the storage folder that holds the medial files that will be uploaded
  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=howToVideos-assets - the VueJS components
  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=enso-assets - a common alias for when wanting to update the assets, once a newer version is released, usually used with the --force flag


Even though the media files are filtered on upload using their mime-types, depending on the encoding and versions, some files / file types might not work in all browsers / devices , as this is a limitation of the video.js library. Experiment and find what works for you.